International exhibition Mass Media in Belarus due in Minsk May 11-14

International exhibition Mass Media in Belarus due in Minsk May 11-14

The CTV Channel invites you to take part in the XX international specialized exhibition Mass Media in Belarus, which is to be held in Minsk in the pavilion at 14 Pobeditelei Avenue 11-14 May 2016.

The exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus, the national exhibition center BELEXPO, with the support of the Minsk City Executive Committee, the National Broadcasting Company of the Republic of Belarus, the Union of Publishers and Distributors of Printed Products and the Belarusian Union of Journalists.

The exhibition will show the history of the development of the media in Belarus and introduce you to new communication technologies.

Taking part in the exhibition will be national TV channels, news agencies, leading state mass political editions, regional media, specialized publications, educational and children's editions, literary and cultural publications, diplomatic missions in the Republic of Belarus, foreign participants and regions of the Russian Federation, FM stations and non-state media.

Traditionally, in addition to Belarusian mass media, participants come from the Russian Federation, the CIS, China, Venezuela, Cuba and other countries.

The exhibition will consist of round tables, seminars and workshops, with leading journalists and media professionals from Belarus and Russia involved.

During the event, the print media award Golden Letter will be presented.

The XX international specialized exhibition "Mass Media in Belarus" will be a platform to discuss the status and development of Belarusian information space and platform for building future plans.