Mstislavl residents joinly restoring ancient church

Mstislavl residents joinly restoring ancient church

An ancient church is being restored in Mstislavl, Belarus. It was built back in 1834. And in the beginning it was the main temple of the city. Over more than 150 years, the building witnessed WWII, religious persecution and more.

Valentina Timashkova has donated money for the renovation of the church for the second time. As an employee of a museum, she is well aware of the importance of this deed.

Valentina Timashkova, researcher at Mstislavl District Historical and Archaeological Museum:
A lot of tourists from Belarus and Russia come here to Mstislavl. And when we show them all around, they always ask about this church.

Holy Trinity Church was built in 1834. At the beginning, it was the main cathedral of the city. Once it was already renovated, after a big fire 150 years ago. Over time, it has witnessed much: wars, religious persecution, blossom and decline. During the Soviet era, the era of atheism, a construction school was located here. Now the building will once again be used for its intended purpose.

The temple does not require a massive renovation. Rooms for construction workers' studies will be given for Sunday school classes. Storage space will be replaced by the altar. The Orthodox diocese will soon start to renovate its design.

The restoration of the church is going to be completed in the autumn 2016. Now the builders are completing the installation of the roof. The next step will be finishing works and installation of the domes. For sure, the next Easter celebration and Bright Week will be accompanied by bell ringing.