Belarus’ largest solar electric plant to appear in Brahin district

Belarus’ largest solar electric plant to appear in Brahin district

The largest solar electric plant in Belarus will start its work already this summer. The complex will be built by the company Velcom and will be situated in the Brahin district on a territorry of the size of 80 football pitches. The power of the solar park is more than 22 megawatt. By contrast, this is enough to ensure the functioning of the entire night illumination in Minsk.

Anastasia Vincho, CTV:
We will start with a weather forecast. It’s sunny in Belarus today. Besides a good mood, every hour, the Belarusian sun gives hundreds of watts of energy to be used.

As many as 85 solar panels will find their place on the territory of the size of 80 football pitches. None of Belarusian solar plants can be compared with the solar park in the Brahin district. Thanks to the company Velcom, the complex will start functioning this summer, when solar activity rises.

Helmut Duhs, General Director of the unitary enterprise Velcom:
The plant will not only allow Belarus to reduce its dependence on fossil energy sources, whether it is gas, oil, coal, or other sources. But also it will contribute to the development of the country’s ecology.

The location of the plant was not chosen by chance.

The company Velcom involved the Chernobyl-affected territory.

Apart from this, there are about 2,000 solar hours a year in the south of Belarus. It is 10% less than in Sochi, a popular summers resort.

Besides alternative technologies, Velcom will allow Belarusians to use a new center of data processing. These are an uninterrupted communication line and terabytes of stored information. The company is thinking about the development of cloud technologies as well.

Denis Filazafovitch, Deputy Director For Financial Affairs of the unitary enterprise Velcom:
It’s very important for the development of Belarusian economy. It will provide Belarusian enterprises with a service, so that they can enhance their competitive ability and, above all, improve the prospect of winning in competition with the outer world.

Belarus’ largest data center will start working at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Velcom has launched a new 3G network in Minsk.

It is possible to go on the Internet at 3G speeds practically in every part of the country. This year, Velcom is planning to spend more than 80 million euro on the modernization and new projects. Virtually, these are investments in the country’s future, its energy security, data independence, and innovative technologies.