International festival of Slavic martial arts held in Grodno


International festival of Slavic martial arts held in Grodno

Melee and jousting tournaments according to medieval rules. Grodno hosted an international festival of Slavic martial arts. The local Mound of Game has become an arena of knights tournaments.

Medieval battles were re-enacted here with historical accuracy, be it a melee or a sword tournament. Moreover, in addition to traditional swords, axes and crossbows warriors used the most peaceful implements in the battles.

Alexei Cherepanov, member of the club of Slavic martial arts Aridan (Grodno):
These weapons are used during demonstrations. This symbolizes the way people used to protect themselves. Not always did towns have own troops. And if the enemy attacked, they could use some agricultural tools as weapons.

The Shot Brothers from Molodechno got interested in Scottish Middle Ages a few years ago. They spent most of the research work themselves and manufactured infantrymen's costumes. Now they come to jousting tournaments as one big family.

Alexander Shot, member of historical club Scottish Infantry (Molodechno):
I have always been attracted by it, since childhood. I loved making all kinds of weapons. I was not interested in plastic analogues. I'm very fond of it all.

Stanislav Shot, member of historical club Scottish Infantry (Molodechno):
I am attracted by the fact that you can become a medieval knight for at least some time.

Girls can be met among the brutal knights. They are not inferior to men in the battle. Margarita Ivanova has been engaged in historical re-enactment for more than 10 years.

Margarita Ivanova, head of the historical club Svora (Minsk)
Historically, when men went to battles, women stayed in castles alone. First of all, they had something to do and, secondly, they had to defend their own castle.

The Grodno medieval festival has already become a tradition. In 2016, several tens of historical clubs from all over Belarus took part in the knightly tournaments. The next year Grodno is going to welcome guests from Russia and Ukraine.