First inclusive theatre opens in Minsk

First inclusive theatre opens in Minsk

The first inclusive theatre has opened in Minsk. Children with special needs will share the stage with professional actors. The opening night of the first performance is going to take place in June 2016.

Meanwhile, teachers are working with young artists. Ilya is very unconfident, but he is dwelling on each note diligently. The boy with autism has learnt his first solo just in a matter of several classes. Acting as a hare he will sing with his mother on stage.

Tatiana Yakovleva, mother:
I saw that my son is keen on music, and probably, he will be able to sing one day, but nobody has ever thought that it will happen so fast.

It will be a musical with some elements of a fairy show. The children will set out in search of a magic flute, and they will meet fairy-tale characters on their way. Now, they are getting ready for the performance, with rehearsals taking place every day. During the classes, teachers are finding new approaches to these special children.

Maria Domenkova, author of the play:
We need to spark some interest in children with autism, so that they arenot able to get distracted. First of all, these are clear rhythms and an ear-catching tune.

Igor Sidorchik, actor of the Belarusian Republican Young People’s Theatre:
These kids just want to be loved. That is the way to reach out to them.

As many as 20 children take part in the performance; six of them have special needs.

They haven’t been introduced to one another yet, but they are looking forward to it.

Darya Vikhoreva:
Ilya is very special and interesting; you want to make friends with him.

The special kids do a lot of things about the performance: they are drawing decorations’ drafts and creating costumes for their roles.

Irina Pushkaryova: art director of the inclusive theatre:
We don’t want to stop at this point; we want to arrange a real theatre and to create the future for our children with autism.

The opening night will be held in the Minsk Philharmonic Hall on 3 June.

And it is only the beginning. The theatre plans to make a tour around Belarus. Besides, the theatre has already been invited to Italy.

The inclusive theater is a step forward to special children. This is an attempt to understand their uniqueness, for the "the health of the nation" always begins with mercy and care. Help in communication is something which sometimes is more valuable.