How do famous Belarusians celebrate Easter holiday?

How do famous Belarusians celebrate Easter holiday?

September 11 is a convenient date for an election. Although it might be frightening for those who have a long memory: this is the day when the twin towers in New York collapsed in 2001. Once upon a time, also on September 11 (according to the old calendar), King Herod ordered to cut off the head of John the Baptist - the forerunner of Jesus - at the request of the dancer Salome. Jesus, too, was killed in a known manner. And today, on May 1, Orthodox Christians say "Christ is risen!" This is Easter Sunday, the main religious festival, and, in a sense, a holy day even for the unbaptized. Anastasia Benedisyuk continues the topic.

The bright feast of the Resurrection of Christ. Belarusians cannot do without traditional Easter cakes on this day. All bakeries have been working at their maximum capacity. It is actually impossible to count how many tons of bread Belarusians eat during the holiday. And do we actually need to count?

Anastasia Shireyko, director of a confectionery:
We have not accepted baking orders since Monday. But until now, people call and ask to bake something.

This is a small culinary workshop. It uses only natural products and offers not only traditional Easter goods but also some exotic ones, such as carrot muffins. Everything is hand-made (without gloves): confectioners say that it is necessary to literally ‘feel’ the product. They add some watercolor painting decor or use food dyes.

Isn't it stylish and tasteful? The confectionary also features a whole collection of children's favorite Easter rabbits on gingerbread. The Easter symbol from the West has already reached Belarusian homes.

No Easter comes without eggs, both traditional and exotic. The CTV decided to find out what exotic eggs one can eat during Easter and whether it is actually possible. After a conversation with an expert, we learned that eggs of dark tiger python, marsh turtle, ostrich, and Canadian goose are also quite edible and thermal treatment really works in their case, too.

Yevgenia Reznichenko, zootechnician:
An egg is actually a big egg cell, covered with shell. There are spores through which dyes soak (the husk of onions or special food dyes). The only peculiarity is that it is far more difficult to dye dark eggs, for example, quail eggs, than the white ones, of chicken or duck.

Kirill Shimko, athlete:
On Easter, I usually cook eggs and dye them but now we will not have to dye eggs since they are already painted!

Kirill is one of the strongest people of Belarus. He is a record holder of the Guinness Book. Today he is going to take a new height, in cooking. At least we thought so going to a meeting with the strongman. But that was not the case this time. For Kirill, egg eating is a usual thing. He eats about ten of them every morning. There is only one recipe for the athlete.

Kirill Shimko athlete:
But Easter is a special day, it is very important when people are together, united. It's the most important thing.

Yelena Barmotina, mother of many children:
Eggs are traditionally dyed in husk. We let the husk brew. It is more environmentally friendly.

Easter is a large and respected holiday. People prepare for it for about 40 days - the same number of days Christ that was with his disciples after the resurrection. Lent lasts as many days, too.

Red is a symbol of life. In 2016, this great holiday coincided in Belarus with May 1, Labor Day, which is considered a “red”, or Soviet holiday. On the eve of this Holy Sunday, artists continue to work giving joy to us all. And while singer Alexander Solodukha performs Someone Else's Sweetheart, his wife with 5-year-old daughter Varya are painting eggs and buying cakes.

Alexander Solodukha, singer:
This is a bright and clean holiday, when the soul is happy, when everyone should give each other warm beautiful words, words of love.

Easter Holiday is celebrated by at least 2.5 billion people around the world, regardless of nationality and origin. Yesterday, there was Holy Saturday - the last day before Easter. Christ was still in the tomb and the Resurrection was still about to happen but the pre-Easter was already filled with joy, holiday bustle and excitement.