Belarus begins Rio Olympics countdown


Belarus begins Rio Olympics countdown

An updated countdown stella Olympic Time has opened in Minsk, near the Sports Palace. It will stand there for 100 days.

"It took us four years to prepare for the Games and only 100 days remain before the start of the Rio event. During this short period of time it is necessary to strengthen the work with athletes, coaches, and doctors," said first vice-president of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus Maxim Ryzhenkov.

According to him, the Belarusian team expects 40-45 athletes to still qualify for the Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Minister of Sport and Tourism Alexander Shamko during a ceremony once again emphasized the attention of the state to athletes preparing for the Olympics.

"Not only is the number of licenses important but also the result our athletes will show," said the Minister.

As of today Belarusian athletes won 104 licenses to participate in the Olympic Games-2016. They will be involved in 19 sports and 73 types of programs. The final licenses will be contested in July 2016.