More charging stations for electric cars to appear in Belarus after NPP launch

More charging stations for electric cars to appear in Belarus after NPP launch

Belarus will make more use of electricity. This resource will be in excess after the launch of Belarus' own nuclear power plant. One of the global trends is electric vehicles. For now they are a rarity in Belarus, as well as infrastructure for the maintenance of the environmentally friendly transport.

Fyodor has been using a hybrid car for almost a year and compares his car to a mobile phone powered by the plug.

Fyodor Sogomonyan, motorist:
Compared with the same cars with internal combustion engines... It is like the earth and the sky. It does not pollute the environment and does not make noise.

But Belarus has almost no places for charging such cars. Even in Minsk, a city of 2 million, there are just a few charging stations. The situation could be dramatically changed following the launch of the Belarusian nuclear power plant.

Grigory Sargsyan, Director of a company for the supply of electric vehicles:
Definitely, if we have our own nuclear power, I think we can reduce the cost of electricity and e-cars could become in demand much more.

In many areas, Belarus may consider it more profitable to abandon gas or other resources for the benefit of electricity.

Sergey Timoshkin, Head of Energy Efficiency Department of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus:
This enables us to use electricity as a means of heating water.

One of taxi services in Brest has already begun using e-cars. The company has purchased 20 cars with such hybrid engine.

Andrei Yakusik, director of a taxi company:
We save about 40-45% of fuel every day. People are still afraid to buy such cars because they are worried about repair costs and the cost of replacing the battery (it is significant). However, experience has shown that these cars are very reliable.

Yet electric in Belarus are still a rarity. Potential buyers are scared of lack of charging stations, and the prospect of stalling away from the coveted socket. But there are some positive sides too: no emissions, no frequent maintenance costs, and no holes in the budget after filling.