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Belarusian school named after UNRRA staff Ruth Waller

On April 25, Deputy UN Secretary General Helen Clark took part in an unusual ceremony during her visit to Belarus. Minsk school No130 received the name of American Ruth Waller - secretary of the first humanitarian mission of the United Nations. This fact is now evidenced by a plaque.

The school is located near the place where representatives of the international mission lived. Then in the summer of 1946, in Minsk's park Loshitsa, an American rescued a drowning boy, but then became seriously ill and died. 

Thanks to this program of the UN humanitarian mission, Belarus received food, clothing, industrial equipment totaling more than $60 million in the first post-WWII years.

Helen Clark, UN Deputy Secretary General, the UN Development Programme administrator:
I want to thank you for the fact that you called the school in honor of the American citizen, UNRRA member Ruth Waller. What we are doing is a good gesture. It points out that Belarus remembers the efforts made by our Organization in the restoration and revival of Belarus.

Minsk school named after American Ruth Waller