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Minsk to host international Chernobyl disaster forum

On April 25, Minsk will host a meeting dedicated to one of the most significant man-made disasters in history - the Chernobyl tragedy, which happened almost exactly 30 years ago. 

Representatives of the Government, state administration bodies, Belarus' general public and foreign partners of our country will take part in the international forum in the Palace of the Republic.

That the participants of the meeting are expected to adopt a declaration which will be the starting point for a new milestone of Chernobyl cooperation, aimed at partnership, innovation and investment in the regions hit by the disaster.

Dmitry Mironchik, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Belarus:
Among the guests and participants of the Chernobyl Forum in Minsk are high representatives of Russia and Ukraine, the Order of Malta, as well as our partners from Japan and Sweden, Ireland and the United Kingdom, Austria and Italy, representatives of accredited diplomatic corps in Minsk. International organizations, including the IAEA, the World Bank, the OSCE, the UN agency will be represented at the conference widely and at a high level.

Minsk to host international Chernobyl disaster forum