Nationwide voluntary Saturday working day: Belarus' President works at Dinamo stadium renovation site

Nationwide voluntary Saturday working day: Belarus' President works at Dinamo stadium renovation site

April 23 turned into the nationwide voluntary Saturday working day! Start with yourself, as they say! On the eve of a significant date - the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War, TV reporters put in order monuments to the heroes of that war. President Lukashenko also built a bridge between the past and the future working at Dinamo Stadium, which is being renovated in Minsk. This will become a brand new sports complex but in historical "packaging." Our correspondents collected details of the voluntary labor day from the different regions of Belarus.

From the smallest Belarusians to high state officials. Head of the Presidential Administration Alexander Kosinets was working on the territory of the future museum quarter in Minsk. Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov also worked on this day planting trees in the Logoisk district.

Andrei Kobyakov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Besides, I enjoy that moment when I am in the woods and do simple manual labor. This benefits all citizens and me personally.

The Saturday labor working day united millions of Belarusians across the country on April 23.

This is the legendary Dinamo Stadium. Today, the arena more likely resembles a building cauldron. Working at the facility are several hundred people. The main sports arena of the country is preparing to turn a new page in its history.

Instead of a sports records athletes tried to beat construction records at Dinamo that day. Athletes who normally use javelins and discuses took fittings and primer to quicken the renovation of the site of future victories.

Vasilisa Marzalyuk, many-time winner of world and European wrestling championships: 
The Saturday voluntary labor day is a very good tradition and it is necessary to continue to support it. And any Belarusian would be pleased to participate in this event.

The head of state also pitched in. Brigade number 1 was responsible for the concreting of monolithic slabs.

The renovation of the stadium will be completed by the end of 2017. The updated complex will seat up to 20,000 visitors and eligible for hosting competitions of any level.

At the national voluntary labor day campaign, the country earned nearly BYR 67 billion. The money will be directed to the construction of the Gomel Regional Children's Hospital. Traditionally, part of the funds will be spent on the preparation of health centers and children's summer camps.

Vitebsk Medical University students started the so-called BUNT. It can be translated into English as "mutiny" but in fact this is only an acronym of the Big Cleaning of Our Territory! Together with the "rebels" are their teachers. There were no truants that day.

Students of the Vitebsk State Medical University:
The Saturday voluntary labor day united us. In fact, there are a lot of different guys and it is funny.

This undoubtedly blurs the line between teachers and students. Work here brings everyone together.

Journalists ditched microphones and took rakes. The TV crews were improving the territory of the park named after the hero pioneer Marat Kazei. Some CTV correspondents volunteered to add some historical color to this day and went to the military historical complex Stalin Line, which is not far from the Belarus capital. And even here in the dust, the journalists could literally dig up interesting details.

Alexei Martinyonok, economic commentator of CTV channel:
We not only helped but also learned and remembered lots of historical things. That tank is always one of the first at all parades, I remember it.

Oleg Stepanyuk, CTV presenter:
It smells oil, powder and dust. We need to work a bit to tidy up this place!

This is part of Belarusians' national character - they all love doing everything together. Just like our ancestors, who sowed, mowed and built in large groups. Skeptics may say that this tradition is a remnant of the past. But it is such days that unite the nation, which lights up our work and life in general.