Lebedev: Pleased to hear that Belarus wants to keep CIS


Lebedev: Pleased to hear that Belarus wants to keep CIS

Good organization, initiative, resource mobilization, and effective economic management. In the State of the Nation Address to Belarusian people and the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, President Alexander Lukashenko has stated certain tasks and potential development objectives for the current year.

Despite external factors, Belarus is to overcome negative trend data and slowdown in economic growth. Cost reduction, the quality of goods, and switching to an innovative way of manufacturing were mentioned.

Subjects raised by Alexander Lukashenko are being actively discussed in the society. Therefore, these tasks set by Belarus leader are direct supervision towards action. The themes of the Address are now being analyzed by MPs and chiefs of governmental authorities.

Natalya Guivik, member of a standing committee of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus House of Representatives:
Goals and tasks for the next year are set; all spheres from economy to public health service and culture are touched upon. But personnel policy was something that I remembered best of all.

Sergey Lebedev, Chair of the CIS Executive Committee – CIS Executive Secretary:
The words of Alexander Lukashenko on continuing the existence of the CIS as an international organization are important to me. That is why I stressed many times before that termination of the CIS is out of question. The government of the Republic of Belarus and governments of other CIS member states estimate that the organization is a necessity and it is in demand, but it just needs to be more effective.