Frunzensky District turns 65: history and residents’ reviews

Frunzensky District turns 65: history and residents’ reviews

A new district appeared in the northwest of Minsk 65 years ago. It was named Frunzensky after the legendary revolutionist, statesman and military leader Mikhail Frunze.

The villages Bolshoye Medvezhino and Baranovshchina (nowadays the Zapad neighborhood) joined the district in 1978. The Sukharevo neighborhood in the Frunzensky district was built in the 90s. Some territories of the Minsk region joined the district in 2004. These territories are nowadays Masyukovshchina, Kuntsevshchina, Dombrovka, and Kamennaya Gorka.

Boris Vasilyev, head of Frunzensky District administration:
The district’s borders has changed 6 times. Some territories of the district were joined to the Moskovsky district; Pobeditelei Avenue was passed to the Tsentralnyi district 2 times. It is connected with the fact that there are many free territories and this city’s region is always built on in direction to the Zapad neighborhood.

Approximately 40% of the city’s dwellings were built in the Frunzensky district in the last 5 years.

This district is the biggest in Minsk. Its population size is more than in some regional centers of Belarus.

Evgeny Kryzhanovsky, Honored Artist of Belarus:
I am proud of the Frunzensky district, because its population is almost the same as in the United Arab Emirates with 600,000 people or large Belarusian cities such as Gomel, Mogilev, and Brest.

Thanks to human and industrial potential, the district is important not only for Minsk, but for the whole Republic too. Economy is developed in all areas. The district’s production is in demand in the country as well as abroad.

The Frunzensky district is famous for cultural life. More than 10,000 events have been held in last 5 years. There is also old Kalvaryja cemetery with an architectural monument dated to the XIX century.

Boris Vasilyev, head of Frunzensky District administration:
There are 24 cultural institutions, including 8 libraries in the district. But it is still not enough for the youth. The cinema Sovremennik with several auditoria is under reconstruction nowadays. We try to pay more attention to such projects. The first theatre in the district is to open in Q3 2016.

Education is actively developed in the Frunzensky district. In 2015 alone, 28 students from the district became laureates of Belarus President’s Special Fund for the support of the talented youth. Three schools and many children’s pre-school institutions were founded here in the last 5 years. New technologies and approaches to education are used.

The Frunzensky district also has sports potential. There are new gyms, sports ground, stadiums, and swimming pools and, of course, the Ice Palace.

The Belarusian racing cyclist Natallia Tsylinskaya has been living in the district 28 years.

Natallia Tsylinskaya, eight time World Champion, and an Olympic bronze medalist:
I remember the health pathway, its fir trees. I go there now sometimes, but not often. It’s nice to walk here with a family.

The administration pays attention to the residents’ health. There are 16 diversified healthcare facilities, three emergency substations, and 19 medical stations. In addition, new clinics are being built nowadays.

The district is proud of its qualified specialists.

The honored Red Cross employee Nina Bliznyuk has been working for 49 years. She devotes her life to the bedridden, which is why she was awarded the rare Florence Nightingale Medal.

Nina Bliznyuk, war and labor veteran, honorary citizen of Frunzensky District, Minsk Resident of the Year:
I come home tired, but I know that I do good to people. I am not used to staying at home and do nothing. You do something good and get gratitude. It’s all you need.

Confidence in the future is the secret of success, availability, attractiveness, and development. The future of the district seems to be as good as its history.

Evgeny Kryzhanovsky, Honored Artist of Belarus:
I congratulate all the residents of Frunzensky District on this nice occasion. You live in one of the best Minsk districts. Minsk is one of the best cities in Europe. And Europe is the best place in the world. The world is the only one, unless we meet aliens. So you are the only in the world, my friends.

Natallia Tsylinskaya, eight-time World Champion, Olympic bronze medalist:
Dear residents, I wish you good relations with your neighbors, more smiles and joy. Take care of your district and teach your children to do the same. If we take care of our district, it will make us happy. And we will need less money to recover it. So we’ll have more energy to create something new.

Boris Vasilyev, head of Frunzensky District administration:
Let the history of the district be full of nice events and achievements. Let your life be good. Let peace and rest reign in your houses. Let good fortune accompany you. Happy Birthday to our favorite district! Congratulations, dear residents of Frunzensky District!