Belarusians about April 21 presidential address: 'Relevant for every citizen'

Belarusians about April 21 presidential address: 'Relevant for every citizen'

Not only businessmen but also ordinary citizens are actively discussing the 2016 State of the Nation Address of the President. The topics identified by the head of state are relevant to every Belarusian.  

Of course, he touched on lots of topics. But to be honest, I am first of all worried about economic issues.

There is potential for growth. To do this, we all need to work hard.

For me as a person who will have mandatory first job placement after the university the salary issue is very pressing. I know I will get much lower salary than all my colleagues. But the President said that there will be new criteria for evaluating the work of young specialists and the salary should grow.

The President said we further need to increase the birth rate, which means he will help young families to enable them to support their children. This gives some kind of impetus to young families. This is a signal for them to be confident when giving birth to as many children as possible.

I liked his passage about queues in health centers. The automation of queues would significantly improve the situation.

As a student I am pleased with the President paying attention to the educational issues, since we will not make progress in any sphere of our development and society without highly-skilled staff. Therefore, we need a balanced approach to reforming the education system. On the one hand, we cannot lose what we already have. And, on the other hand, we need to keep pace with the times.