Estonians to be able to stay in Belarus up to 30 days without registration


Estonians to be able to stay in Belarus up to 30 days without registration

Belarus and Estonia have signed an agreement on the entry and stay. Citizens of both countries have been given an opportunity to stay in the territory of the other country up to 30 days without registration. An Estonian delegation is in Minsk these days.

The most fruitful area of ​​cooperation between the two countries is trade and economic dialogue. Oil products account for more than 60% of the total Belarusian export. Belarus also supplies to Estonia tractors, trucks and linen fabrics. 

Investment cooperation between the countries is also developing. The signed agreement helps intensify the contacts.

Alexander Mikhnevich, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
In 2011, our turnover was almost $700 million. We were analyzing what needs to be done to return to these figures. There were, of course, objective reasons. Now we have signed an agreement which will facilitate contacts between people. We would like to see more Estonians in Belarus.

Väino Reinart, Undersecretary for Economic and Development Affairs, Estonia foreign ministry:
We are in favor of bringing people together and for bringing the business communities closer. The two governments can facilitate the development of business and create new conditions for it. But it should be business that should contribute to the rapprochement of our peoples and countries.