100 Ideas for CIS exhibition held in Minsk

100 Ideas for CIS exhibition held in Minsk

Scores of innovators from Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia presented their inventions in different fields from industry to culture on April 14, 2016. The 100 Ideas for the CIS exhibition was held at the National Library of Belarus. It’s the first time young inventors have met in such a format. Experts were to evaluate the relevance and practical use of the innovations.

Elshan Nagiadze, participant of the 100 Ideas for the CIS exhibition (Azerbaijan):
Bill Gates is never wrong but he can get tired and make mistakes. The main drawback of his program is that he includes all the programs into one computer utility.

This young 15-year-old ambitious boy from Azerbaijan is trying to correct mistakes of the most famous programmer in the world. Thanks to Elshan’s software know-how, all systems on computers will start working a lot faster and will be a lot more power effective.

Elshan Nagiadze, participant of the 100 Ideas for the CIS exhibition (Azerbaijan):
As well as Mendeleev, I saw the code in my dream. All computer users will notice fast working speed and the computer itself will heat up less.

Armenia’s stand is right next to Azerbaijan’s. Despite the complicated political situation, the participants of these two countries managed to make friends. Lucine, from the Trans-Caucasian region, suggests uniting all the CIS countries with extreme and cultural tourism. The most successful participants of her project will be able to have a go at being an entrepreneur.

Lucine Oganesyan, participant of the 100 Ideas for the CIS exhibition (Armenia):
A photographer, an archeologist, and an extreme tourism -goer are invited from each CIS country. The winner will be able to open up a travel agency back at home.

This device is sensitive to light and in that way increases the power intensity of a solar battery. This invention is actively used in the Altai region (Russia).

Alexander Petrusev, participant of the 100 Ideas for the CIS exhibition (Russia):
I have two sensors tracing the source of light. If you turn it, then it will turn back again. The advantages of this invention are the cost price and the low temperature of -35 °C at which the device can work.

This Belarusian project has already managed to become popular. The program reads off a person’s outline, places it into new surroundings, and Sir Joy responds to gestures.

And this interactive 3D mirror was developed by a team of students and advanced programmers. They have already won a Skolkovo startup competition in Russia. At the moment, it’s a pioneering project but it has endless possibilities. This Belarusian invention can be used in trade, security and nonverbal psychology. The practical use is very important for the experts when choosing the winner.

Today’s inventions of youth are rather popular, and the most promising ones are introduced into production and have real economic effect.