Drill instead of brush: unusual exhibition in National Art Museum of Republic of Belarus

Drill instead of brush: unusual exhibition in National Art Museum of Republic of Belarus

What happens if you combine skills of a Spanish painter and a Belarusian sculptor? 30 works with a modern take on cubism without violating the traditions of Picasso and Modigliani is the answer.A joint exhibition of the authors who have already been appreciated by French art experts opened in the National Art Museum of Belarus.

The canvas of the sculptor is a pile of metal; a brush and colors are replaced with a drill and a screwdriver. Sergey gets inspired by beetles, mantises and dragonflies. By the way, it was a dragonfly from which Sergey copied his debut work 10 years ago. His fantastic creatures seem to have landed from a remote planet.

Sergey Portenkov, sculptor, Taylor Award winner:
Each of my works is very specific. I don’t even know which details my future works will consist of. When you find a necessary detail, it is very important to put it on a right place.

Sergey Portenkov’s name is already put in the world art history. Last November, he received the Taylor Prize at the Grand Palais in Paris. At that time, Portenkov won sophisticated French public with iron fabulousness at the Art En Capital exhibition. The sculptor brought the victorious metal figure of Ouroboros to Minsk. It is a snake devouring its own tail. This is the only sculptor’s work made of paper, which was a demand of the Paris jury.

Duilio de Gennaro exhibits his paintings in Minsk for the first time. He says that this reason is being exciting in a special way. He has no doubt that Belarusians perceive his figurative creation in the right way. After all, the painter used the technique of Picasso, Modigliani, and Bacon. Stiff geometric pattern. It seems he is playing with lines and using modern realities.

Duilio de Gennaro, painter from Spain:
I have already fallen in love with Belarus. I came here for a week, and I will certainly return in Belarus with my new canvases. I brought 22 paintings here. I have already been at the highest building in Minsk; I got a desire to paint the life of the capital of Belarus. And I would like to spend some time in Belarusian villages.

Launched last December with the complexity and diversity of Goya’s images, Picasso’s fight and protest, a series of colorful paintings of the Belarusian-Spanish cultural relations got replenished with a unique and even experimental joint exhibition of a Spanish painter and a sculptor from Belarus.