Belarus President demands government address economic issues more efficiently

Belarus President demands government address economic issues more efficiently

The President of Belarus requires the highest officials, the government, the National Bank and the governors to better solve socio-economic problems the country faces. A large-scale meeting is being held at the Palace of Independence. 

Taking part in the meeting are more than 70 people. The agenda includes two major tasks - to summarize the work in Q1 2016 and identify measures to increase economic efficiency.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that time has come to assess the results of the work and efforts of everyone who is responsible for the economic situation in the country.

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus:
Last year, we partially determined our development strategy, although two events in the current year will be dedicated to it too. The first one is the address of the President to the Belarusian people and the parliament. It will be brief and focus mainly on this year having some strategic elements. But the most important event is the All-Belarusian People's Assembly, during which we will identify prospects for the next five years and beyond, taking into account our experience, the results achieved and the shortcomings. 
Last year, we agreed on the development of our country in the current year. We set specific objectives. Then we agreed that after H1 2016, we would give a serious assessment of the work of the appropriate structures on Belarus' development and the implementation of tasks. The whole matrix of tasks for the power vertical is on my desk. Things that are not fulfilled are marked in red. Blue is progress in the implementation of the planned tasks. But red not only dominates. The whole matrix is ​​in red color.
You still have a quarter in order to regroup and show the corresponding results. If not, then other people will come and do it. So get together and act. If someone cannot pull off something, then please make suggestions. No one will hide behind someone else. Once again I want to warn the President's Administration: I have taken all the decisions. Your job, as a political headquarters of the President, which carries out the main control over the work of structures subordinate to the President, is to clearly and unambiguously report what is happening and what we will do. Do not resort to red tape and don't miss sensible proposals.

The meeting participants discussed a range of issues, including what enterprises are doing to reduce the cost of production and diversify export. At the same time, the President warned the officials against unjustified layoffs or cuts in social packages. An urgent task is to create new jobs.

Andrei Kobyakov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The March indicators are different from what we saw at the beginning of the year. There has been a growth of certain indicators, especially gross domestic product. There is motion in the positive direction. But, unfortunately, this movement is not as active as was planned. Therefore, the President criticized the government for the fact that we don't fully use the reserves. First of all it concerns the requirement to reduce production costs.

The Belarus President noted that the country's economic headquarters include the government and the governors. But responsibility for the financial condition also lies on the 12 high-ranking officials, with real results being the main measure of the effectiveness of their work. If they are not achieved, then the appropriate personnel decisions will be made.