Motorway service in Belarus: what do Belarusian highways lack?

Motorway service in Belarus: what do Belarusian highways lack?

A plan for the development of motorway service until 2020 has been created in Belarus. It covers all the regions, and special attention is paid to national roads. The topic of service industry was raised during the meeting of the Belarus government on April 12. Transport workers will have to create decent conditions for obtaining necessary services.

Belarus is "the pearl of the new Silk Road", and the country located on the route between Europe and Asia. It is called a transit country for a reason, because it is situated at the intersection of international transport corridors, from the North to the South and from the East to the West. Each year, more than 100 million tons of European goods are transported through the territory of Belarus. There are two transport corridors passing through the country.

The first one connects Germany, Poland, Belarus and Russia, and the second one Finland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. This is why motorway service should be well-developed. The Council of Ministers discussed the development of service industry.

Andrei Kobyakov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Affordable and high-quality motorway service concerns not only export of services but also Belarus’ image.

Let’s take a look at Belarusian motorway service through road-users’ eyes. The roads are good; there are a lot of petrol stations and food service areas. Experienced drivers agree with it, too.

Vitaly Kulgavсhuk, truck driver:
There are very good petrol stations. You can even take a shower for free there.

But they also say that there is still some work to do.

Vyacheslav Savitsky, truck driver:
The better roads are in the Grodno region.

A Ukrainian Vladimir Voronsky has been transporting goods through Belarusian roads for six years now. His transit countries are Belarus, Russia and the Baltic countries.

Vladimir Voronsky, truck driver from Ukraine:
In comparison with Russia and Ukraine, Belarusian service and roads are better, I would say.

There are 1,700 motorway service facilities of different specialization in Belarus now. But there is more to come. More than 90 points are about to appear on Belarusian maps, more than 200 facilities are being constructed. Foreign investors also participate in it. The general plan for the development of motorway services designed to run until 2020 has already been created.

Anatoly Sivak, Transport and Communications Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The main task of this general plan is to carry out orders which were given by the President. These should be not only agricultural lands but also motorway service areas, which could be placed closer to villages and towns.

Belarus motorway service lacks food service areas most. As many as 158 cafes are planned to be built in the next four years. The demand exists among both Belarusian drivers and foreign visitors. A cafe in the Mogilev region proves it.

Vahid Allakhverdiyev, owner of a roadside cafe:
Our main guests are Russians, truck drivers also come to us.

Aleksandr Murashko, driver:
The service is developed adequately. I’m saying that because I’ve been not only to Russia and Ukraine but also to Kazakhstan.

Vladimir Zubov, driver from Russia:
There are few campsites where you can stay with a tent.

Nevertheless, the development of motorway service doesn’t stand still, for it is the country’s hallmark.