Belarus, Russia preparing for 3rd Forum of Regions

Belarus, Russia preparing for 3rd Forum of Regions

Belarus and Russia are preparing for the 3rd Forum of Regions. At this moment Minsk is hosting a meeting of the joint organizing committee.

The forum of regions is one of the major events in the life of the Belarus-Russia Union State. It will take place in Minsk in early June. This will be the third such meeting, which involves parliamentarians, governors and heads of departments and agencies.

Earlier, the sides held two forums. One of them was dedicated to agricultural policy while the other focused on industries. The main topics of this forum of Belarusian and Russian regions will be social policy, humanitarian and economic cooperation. Up to 600 representatives of Russia and Belarus are expected to attend the event.

Nikolai Kazarovets, chairman of the Standing Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Social Development of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarusian regions and the Russian Federation signed a lot of contracts. Now we are going to specifically negotiate new deals. The governors of the Russian Federation are expected to visit the regions of Belarus in order to see facilities on which agreements and contracts will be signed.

Anatoly Rusetsky, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
The Supreme State Council has approved the priorities and challenges for the development of the Union State, the creation of a common space of integration and concerted action in the field of health, and a number of other areas including culture, science and education. Therefore, the forum will aim to develop the project of the Union State. It will follow the line of decisions adopted by the Supreme State Council.

Yuri Vorobyov, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation:
We want to make this process historic. We would like to continue cooperation between our parliaments, executive authorities, businesses and regions.