Best street art works of Belarus


Best street art works of Belarus

Belarusian street art has a worthy place on a global scale. Our artists are well-known overseas; foreign graffitists enjoy their participation in street art contests that are held in our country.

Urban Mythas is very likely to be the most popular of them. The point of the project is that artists arrive in Minsk “empty”, with no drafts. And only after several days spent in the Belarus capital do they start working, through the perception of the county, city, people, folk legend and so on. That is why the peculiarity of Belarusian graffiti lies in its illustration of our homeland. Lots of paintings include Belarusian ornamental pattern and other elements of our culture.

The most famous item of the festival is the controversial Man With No Name by the Greek artist INO, situated on Voronyanskogo Street. According to the authoritative Internet edition Streetartnews, this graffiti is in the top 10 of the most popular street art works of 2015.

This masterpiece was created by the British-Australian street artist Guido Van Helten. Graffiti is situated on a building on Rabkorovskaya Street.

In 2014, volunteers who promote street art movement in Belarus came up with another curious project the “Must Act – Must Art” festival. It’s held in 6 cities at once: Mogilev, Gomel, Brest, Grodno, Baranovichi and Rogachev. Within this campaign, Belarusian artists were allowed to pick any big object legally for the first time and realize their creative ideas. 

Now lots of Belarusian cities witness magnificent works. A huge number of them were performed by domestic artists. Recent graffiti on Higher Aviation College on Aerodromnaya Street in Minsk has become highly discussed. It’s a work by Belarusian artist Mutus and it is dedicated to the national airport Minsk-1. A paper airplane got stuck in three branches and the paper tells us about opening of the airport.

Artists from Vitebsk HoodGraf crew painted a wonderful portrait of Mark Chagall on a transformer vault. This work was timed to the 100th anniversary of his wedding with beloved Bella.

The fact that we gain more and more works that can be called “a work of art” is definitely worth highlighting. Belarus is in trendy street art movement that is just picking up momentum. In our gallery, you can see the aforementioned (1-5) and other (6-8) quality graffities of Belarus.

Man With No Name by the Greek artist INO
Graffiti by Guido Van Helten
Mutus' graffiti in Gomel
Mutus' graffiti in Minsk's Aerodromnaya Street
HoodGraff's work in Vitebsk
Graffiti in Oktyabrskaya Street of Minsk
Graffiti in Oktyabrskaya Street of Minsk (Count Czapski)
Graffiti in Leninskaya Street in Mogilev