Where will Domracheva and Bjørndalen’s baby be born?


Where will Domracheva and Bjørndalen’s baby be born?

It turned out last Tuesday that the Belarusian biathlete Daria Domracheva has relations with Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Bjørndalen, who is also the father of her child. Bjørndalen revealed this fact at a specially called press conference. Later, Domracheva confirmed it on her official website. All the fans support the couple. A correspondent of the CTV’s program Week makes suppositions where the star child will be born – in Norway or Belarus.

The couple has 17 Olympic medals. There is even a joke among the fans that the baby is to be born on skis already. One of the most titled sports couples in history has made happy fans from the entire world.

Ole Einar Bjørndalen, eight-time Olympic champion:
I have a close relationship with Daria, which continues to evolve. We are a couple and we are going to become parents in October. As you can see we have planned it thoroughly.

The media has been writing about their relationship for several years. Nevertheless, the couple didn’t announce their private life and continued to succeed in sport.

After Daria had confirmed her pregnancy, people from the whole world started to congratulate her.

Ole Einar Bjørndalen, eight-time Olympic champion and twenty-time world champion, is to become father for the first time at 42. He himself was born in an ordinary rural family with 5 children.

Ole Einar Bjørndalen, eight-time Olympic champion:
It’s interesting for me to become a father. I have a big family house where many children sometimes gather. It’s an absolutely new experience in my life and I’m looking forward!

Now, the parents-to-be have to choose where their baby will be born. Daria admitted her special attitude to the capital of Belarus more than once.

Daria Domracheva, Hero of Belarus, three-time Olympic champion:
I love Minsk’s parks. I believe all Minsk residents appreciate these places and like walking here with their families.

Daria has personally helped to improve Minsk and has taken part in the construction of a maternity hospital in city clinical hospital No.5.

However, the Hero of Belarus has been here even earlier in the old building. Valery Bugrov, a true fan of Daria, keeps her photo with the autograph as a talisman.

Valery Bugrov, head of pregnancy pathology department of city clinical hospital No.5:
Daria is a sports idol, which is why many people in our hospital support her. But every woman has her own Mount Everest called motherhood.

The first patients visited the new building on the New Year’s Eve.

Vasily Shostak, head of maternity ward of city clinical hospital No.5:
This maternity hospital was built with the help of Daria, which is why we would be glad to see her as one of our patients.
This is an individual delivery room where all necessary conditions for partner childbirth have been created. So, theoretically, we have a delivery room for Domracheva and a place for

In this comfortable hospital, the child is together with its mother from the first minutes of life, as in western European countries.

Hospital patients:
The service is excellent, as if I was at a health resort. I hope to come here again.

There are changing tables with light and heating. When undressed the baby doesn’t start to cry, but enjoys.

Karin A. Winnem, a popular Norwegian blogger, has tens of thousands of subscribers and one of the top topics in her video blog is “pregnancy and childbirth in Norway”. She got the photos of Belarusian maternity hospital.

Karin A. Winnem, blogger (Norway):
The room looks comfortable. I like these flowers on the walls. In general, it seems to be domestic.

Karin has two children. The younger is only 6 weeks old and he was born in similar comfortable conditions.

Karin A. Winnem, blogger (Norway):
My ward was like an ordinary bedroom with a double bed and a bathroom. We could stay with the newborn very soon after childbirth. It’s really amazing!

Partner childbirth is something new to Belarus, but it is common practice in Norway.

Karin A. Winnem, blogger (Norway):
It’s absolutely normal for Norway. I can’t even imagine childbirth without my spouse.

Belarusian biathlete Olga Nazarova is a mother of a large family. Her three children didn’t impede her numerous victories at Winter and Summer Biathlon World Championships.

Olga Nazarova, two-time bronze medalist of Biathlon World Championships, multiple world champion in summer biathlon:
I was calm: my child was nearby and I could do what I loved. I’m glad for Daria and Ole. I believe it will become a great motivation. There is a saying that God gives the third arm together with a child and sportsmen, probably, get the fourth one.

The eldest son Kirill used to attend training sessions with Olga. Genes have influenced the boy and now he does biathlon too. The best motivation is the parents’ example.

Kirill Permyakov:
It inspires, for sure. Mom and dad often help me with advice.

Time will show whether the genes of the golden biathlon duet will influence their child. Nevertheless, history hasn’t seen any sports couple with such a great number of medals.

Moreover, this is not the limit: both Domracheva and Bjørndalen have promised to take part in the 2018 Winter Olympics.