2011 Minsk metro blast: five years on

2011 Minsk metro blast: five years on

It's been five years since the day of the April 11, 2011 tragedy. Belarusians will never forget that day. The rush-hour Minsk metro blast claimed the lives of 15 people injuring further 400.

The monument Memory Rivers was installed at one of the entrances to the station.

From the morning flowers of April 11, those who remember those tragic events were coming to the stela carrying flowers and candles. Underground workers also commemorated the victims.

Minsk residents:
In this tragedy my sister Galina Pikulik and her common-law husband Anatoly were killed. On that day, I saw her in the morning. Then after no one answered the phone, we felt something had happened.

Of course, it is necessary to appreciate security. It happened so suddenly that I think it touched everyone in Minsk. I would not want this to happen again.

I think we have always treated peace and security issues with special attention.  Our country does not participate in any provocations. It always supports peace where possible.