Belarus to develop national system of satellite communication and broadcasting

Belarus to develop national system of satellite communication and broadcasting

Belarus intends to follow the path of integration into the world information space and develop the national satellite broadcasting system. 

This task was set by President Alexander Lukashenko during his April 12 visit to the Center for Space Communications in the village Stankovo, ​Dzerzhinsk district.

On the Day of Cosmonautics, Belarus launches ground satellite control system for Belintersat-1. This is the first Belarus-made unit designed for the transmission of television and radio, as well as providing access to the Internet.

It is from Stankovo where the Belarusian satellite Belinterstat-1 is controlled. It was launched January 15 from the Chinese cosmodrome Xichang. 

Alexander Lukashenko noted that Belarus started from the provision of services by creating own satellites for other countries. But today Belarus can create such engineering masterpiece almost entirely on its own.

"Everything is in our hands," stressed the President. At the same time, the most important thing is to sell the final product and tap into new markets.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus: 
We need this project to pay off. It will be in action for 15 years and we have to act. The profitability may be 10-15 or 20%. That is, this project will pay off, but this is not the main goal I pursued giving consent for this project. The goal was for this project to become an impetus to many Belarusian companies. And I am talking about businesses of the future. This is the technology of the future. And these companies have to look forward at the 22nd century and we do have such companies that create satellites and, in addition, systems for these projects. And with the help of the People's Republic of China, we can now build these satellites in any country. And this is a decent project, which brings money into the country. The launch of this satellite and the construction of the flight control center is the work of many companies and thousands of people. So the main thing for me back then was that we would develop related industries and businesses.

The President also asked about the conditions in which the center staff live and work. These are about 50 professionals, including many young people. They are graduates of Belarusian universities. Last year, the whole team were trained in China.

Alexander Lukashenko talked to the staff of the center and answered their questions. People asked whether the state would further support the youth and whether Belarus is ready to the threats and challenges of the modern world.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus: 
I am concerned that people worry too much for the defense. Being at MAZ, one of the women asked a similar question and I told her that this is an immediate task of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. According to the Constitution, it is the President. I know my duties. Everything is good, there are ministers and the government but, as you can see, I also devote attention to this. But the main thing for me is the safety of our citizens, our society and the country's defense. In this regard, we have something to say and we will pay serious attention to this creating necessary arms. If we don't need something, we will not start such projects. So do not worry for the future of security and defense of our country. We have plenty of guys like you who can create reliable defense systems that can resist any opponent. We will always defend our piece of land. We will not give up anything. And we don't need other countries' lands either.