Sowing campaign 2016 starts in Belarus: about 10,000 pieces of equipment involved

Sowing campaign 2016 starts in Belarus: about 10,000 pieces of equipment involved

People are worried about serious topics, like security in their own countries and in the world, oil prices and the division of the political map. We will talk about it all today, of course, taking into account the latest events. But global processes do not prevent us from enjoying the bright moments of our life. For example, take the news about Dasha Domracheva expecting a baby, which she announced last week. Cranes, who deliver babies, are already in fields eating seed grains behind tractors. Many people have probably seen this picture. Belarus is in the middle of the sowing campaign and the weather makes us speed it up. So the equipment was working in fields event in on Saturday. Ilona Volynets has more on the topic.

While on Saturday morning, townspeople are sleeping after hard working days, this is not the best time for villagers to rest. In the gray shroud of mist, farmers are working seven days a week.

Alexei Malkevich, mechanic:
We have no time to sleep. A day of work may supply us with food for the year to come. With nice mood. We will better sleep during the winter.

Sergei Gargun, mechanic:
This is our bread. The way we work now determines what harvest we will get. The main thing is now weather.

This year, April in Belarus is extremely warm, with a 70-year record beaten. In the south, the thermometer climbed to +25C. Farmers are even dreaming of rain now!

Earth is asking for seeds. There is moisture and it is warm enough. Let's wait for good harvest!

Early spring crops have already been planted on 40% of the areas in Belarus. The leader is currently the Gomel region, where even potatoes have been planted. All in all, about 10,000 units of equipment are involved in the sowing campaign. The spring sowing will cost Belarus about BYR 16 trillion.

But this agricultural season has not started in a perfect way. In some places, there were problems with mineral fertilizers. Even economically strong farms note that there is no surplus. So one has to be very economical.

Vladimir Grakun, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus:
We need the dictatorship of technologies. It is not only the availability of machinery but also production technology. This means decent preparation of seeds, application of fertilizers and their protection.