Drug trafficking situation in Belarus stabilizes, President Lukashenko warns against complacency

Drug trafficking situation in Belarus stabilizes, President Lukashenko warns against complacency

Penalty for drug traffickers will remain tough in Belarus. The situation with drug trafficking was discussed at the level of the Head of State on April 8.

During the existence of Decree No.6, the situation in this area has improved substantially. For the first time over the last three years the share of drug-related crimes has declined. The share of synthetic psychotropic drugs has decreased. The number of overdose cases has dropped 25%.

This situation persists in 2016 but the head of state's requirement is not to stop there.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We approved the appropriate decree. And then I demanded that we create unbearable conditions for drug dealers. And I promised that after some time we would return to this issue at a meeting, in terms of control. That is the background of today's meeting. However, I must say that the situation with drug-related crimes and drug trafficking in this country is alarming.  This is a problem for our society. Over two years, 80 overdose deaths were recorded. And not only people of working age die. These are young people. Especially from the so-called spices.
Our country, as no other in the world, has a clear-cut system determining the powers of all those responsible, public authorities and other organizations in this area. Persistence and system solutions in the area of ​​combating drug trafficking really allowed us to reverse the situation in the most threatened areas. It pulled rug from under drug dealers' feet when it comes to the manufacture of drugs. This saved many young lives. But, as I said, it is too early to calm down. Our country is not isolated from the rest of the world and there remains a drug threat. It is time to analyze what other decisions we can take in connection with this serious problem. At the same time, I want to note that we are always proud of the fact that our country is a transit one and that we should get some benefits from our geopolitical position. But at the same time, there is a huge negative background, and unfortunately, it is growing, especially in connection with the events in Ukraine. I will not hide: most drugs come to Belarus from the Russian Federation. The figures exceed drug imports from other countries by several times. We do not just record it but also confiscate and clearly know where it all comes from. We can complain to ourselves and inform the society and so on, but it is we who need to fight against it, including in the eastern direction.

Changing the legislation governing the Internet sector and the creation of special Internet units allowed quickly blocking basic channels through which drugs are brought into Belarus.

During 2015, Belarusian authorities stopped work of 99 chain stores and limited access to 18 websites containing materials related to drug trafficking.

Stanislav Zas, State Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus:
All conditions have been created and we just have to perform the tasks defined by Directive No.6, the tasks set by the Head of State, including in terms of incarceration conditions of drug dealers. The criminal world has to understand that measures against dealers will be tough.