Average life exectancy in Belarus about 74 years

Average life exectancy in Belarus about 74 years

On April 6, Russian scientists added the finishing touches to a portrait of the average Belarusian. Over the past five years, people in Belarus have become six months older.

Now the average age is slightly over 40. The youngest region of our country is the city of Minsk, with the Brest region in second place. The "oldest" region of Belarus is the Vitebsk region.

On the other hand, life expectancy in Belarus is increasing. It has increased by four years since 2010 for men and by 2.5 for women. That is, the age gap between the genders in Belarus is reducing.  The average life expectancy in Belarus is about 74 years.

A direct consequence of the aging population is a change in the proportion between retirees and working-age population. Now the load on the working population is increasing to maintain the living standards of retirees. 

While in early 2011, 1,000 workers supported 373 retirees through social safety contributions, now they already support 429 pensioners. And this is one of the main arguments in favor of raising the retirement age.