Belarus wants to make Augustow Canal visa-free


Belarus wants to make Augustow Canal visa-free

Belarus may introduce visa-free regime on Augustow Canal. The relevant document is already under consideration by the government, said April 6 the Minister of Sport and Tourism of Belarus.

Alexander Shamko believes that the tourism product that Augustow Canal offers today meets the requirements of similar resorts in the world.

Alexander Shamko, Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
We have good potential; we just need to make advancement in terms of organizational issues. In general, we have already created the necessary infrastructure - from cycling to kayak and hiking trails.

The minister believes that the easing of visa requirements on the Augustow Canal will bring economic benefits and promote the development of tourist flows. Alexander Shamko said this during the international fair Otdykh 2016 (Holiday 2016), which is taking place in Minsk these days.