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Record high number of newborns in Belarus in 2015

Belarus has set a record in terms of the number of newborns. In 2015, their number stood at more than 119,000 kids. During the last six years, positive dynamism of fertility has been observed.

The capital Minsk is ahead of all other regions of Belarus. Almost 23,000 children were born in Minsk, one-fifth of the entire number of births. Minsk is followed by the Brest and Gomel regions.

The Statistics Committee notes that the number of boys is higher.

Zhanna Vasilevskaya, Deputy Chairwoman of the National Statistics committee of the Republic of Belarus:
In 2015, 119,000 children were born in the country, which is 500 children more than in 2014 and 11,000 more than in 2010. The natural decline in population has reduced 29 times over 5 years. The main factor contributing to such statistics is the government policy pursuing demographic security, strengthening families and improving fertility.

Record high number of newborns in Belarus in 2015