Belarus hopes for new stage in relations with USA


Belarus hopes for new stage in relations with USA

Discussions on Belarus' accession to the WTO again become more relevant after the removal of Western sanctions. Belarus has been negotiating about joining the World Trade Organization for more than 20 years. These talks decay and are then re-animated depending on the economic and political situation.

Another thaw in relations with the West resulted in last week's visit to Minsk of a US guest. His position may seem unimpressive - the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. But knowing Americans' snobbery and their imperial ambitions, it is necessary to understand: in order to deserve a visit of a big US White House official you need at least do something against Russia! Or, for example, give up nuclear weapons or declare the liquidation of stocks of highly enriched uranium, as it was 6 years ago, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to condescend to meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. But, in principle, initiatives and ideas of any overseas guests are still dictated from one center. Do not think that it is only in Belarus where the power vertical mechanism is working.

Therefore, it was President Lukashenko who received the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. After the cooling of relations, this is not a bad start!

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Belarus has finally reached some positive aspects in relations with the West, with the USA. And I would like this to be a new stage of our relations. If we say sincerely then our relationship is still affected strongly by politics and the politicization of our relations is very high. I think we should turn attention primarily to the economy, trade and economic relations with the United States, Western Europe and the EU. And it would be a good foundation for building a good relationship in the future in all areas. We are ready to discuss with you any problems. We are ready to cooperate with the United States. And not just because it is a global world empire, the leading country in the world, with which everyone cooperates. This is also because this aspect of relations has never been disturbing to us. Our society treats Americans well. And it is not that easy to find a country in the world that would treat Americans with respect. This is despite the opposition, the sanctions and so on. Our people is kind, educated, it understands the world processes. Therefore, let us build relationships in the spirit of the wishes of our peoples.