Minsk, St. Petersburg to invigorate implementation of joint projects

Minsk, St. Petersburg to invigorate implementation of joint projects

New horizons for close cooperation. Minsk and the northern capital of Russia intend to actively develop joint activities in science and technology, education, tourism and culture.

On April 1 a delegation from St. Petersburg visited Minsk. The visit was timed to the forthcoming Day of Unity of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia.

Today, a promising innovative communication has been established between the cities. For example, the sides have organized a joint activity between the Belarusian and Russian companies in high technologies. Now the dialogue participants intend to establish friendly relations between the administrative districts of the two cities.

Vyacheslav Makarov, chairman of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly (Russia):
We have about 1,000 joint ventures, firms, and we are working not only in the field of tourism, construction, services, but also in highest technologies related to knowledge-intensive industries.

As part of the humanitarian exchange of experience, at the end of April Minsk will host a joint exhibition of Belarus and St. Petersburg artists. In addition, it is planned to exchange student teams in 2016. 

Russian students will come to Minsk to help renovate Minsk stadium Dinamo. Another promising event - Days of St. Petersburg in Minsk - will take place in autumn.

Andrei Shorets, chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee (Minsk Mayor):
I hope concrete measures that will be held during those days will continue to make people closer. We will have some new projects, new areas of cooperation, and I think it will be beneficial to everyone: both in the social sphere and in the sphere of economy.

Vasily Panasyuk, Chairman of the Minsk City Council:
We were impressed, first of all, by the environmental component of the ecological education of our youth. We plan to develop this project in Minsk.