President Lukashenko: Belarus education system should be improved rather than reformed

President Lukashenko: Belarus education system should be improved rather than reformed

The education system in our country does not need to be reformed. Rather, it should be just improved, stated the Belarus President at a meeting on the development of secondary and higher education.

One of the main topics of discussion were new textbooks. They should be written in a clear way so that everyone understands them. 

The effective use of the sixth school day was also a topic. Saturday should be used to prepare students for adult life.

In higher education, students should be prepared according to professions that are in demand in the labor market. In addition, it is necessary to solve the problem of the availability of kindergartens in areas where this problem is acute.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We don't need any reforming of education. We must simply improve what we have. The education system we inherited from the Soviet era is not bad, we have transformed it. We revisited this issue several times and wrote new textbooks and so on. However, there are still quite a lot of problems. We have identified a number of problematic issues and specific instructions were given on each of them. We need to deal with them before we discuss this problem in a serious way. There is a student or was a student in every family. At school, in kindergarten (pre-school education, as we call it), in universities and so on. People are learning. Therefore, this issue concerns everyone and this a problem with consequences in the future.

In the future, the authorities will revisit this subject so that by the beginning of the new school year, the formation of the educational system of Belarus be completed.

The country has already equally seriously analyzed the work of the construction industry and the system of utility tariffs calculation.

Alexander Lukashenko:
A number of legal acts have systematized our construction industry and adapted it more or less to European standards, but not 100%. In the near future, in terms of control, we will return to this issue and see how builders work. Because we make so much noise up here, develop a number of activities, and then, after a while, it all stalls and, as people say "much noise up there but still everything is the same down here." Therefore, not to make these mistakes, we will revisit the issues of the construction industry, specifically how orders given at the level of the President are being fulfilled.
We have finally put an end to problems with utility tariffs. But there is a more serious issue: what quality these services are? I mean the quality of service. Therefore, we will revisit this issue and continue to work.