Belarus parliament to review new military doctrine April 4


Belarus parliament to review new military doctrine April 4

The new military doctrine will be considered during the spring session of the House of Representatives, which will open on 4 April. The need to make changes to a document is due primarily to the tense situation in the world.

The parliament is also considering other legal acts related to security. In particular, changes may be introduced to documents relating to the fight against terrorism.

Valery Gaidukevich, Chairman of the Standing Commission on national security of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
Now, of course, the main threat is terrorism. The main feature to be considered is the necessity to conduct a counter-terrorist operation after the attack took place. We are going to permit counter-terrorist operations against organizations that are known to be terroristic in nature. In particular, ISIL.

At the upcoming session of parliament, work will begin on the implementation of the government program for the next 5 years. Emphasis is placed on the economic bloc. Improving the competitiveness of enterprises, innovation, reduction of production costs are the basic tenets of the program are directly related to Decree of the President of Belarus No78. Experts called the document optimistic. They say it takes into account the current economic situation.

Viktor Valyushitsky, chairman of the Standing Commission on economic policy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly:
The most "burdensome" topic today is certainly the creation of jobs. These are the questions related to cross-subsidization, the decision on this topic. During this and the next year, we will already receive some drafts and I think it will be a little easier for the real economy to work.