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About 500,000 Catholics meet Easter in Belarus

In Belarus, a half million representatives of the Catholic denomination, the second largest in the country, met Easter this night. Bright Resurrection of Christ is celebrated on March 27 by Catholics and Protestants. This important day in the church calendar, a symbol of hope and faith.

Christians celebrate Easter with a special celebration and joy, greeting each other with "Christ is risen!" Festive divine service are being held in all churches of the country.

Alexander Lukashenko has addressed Christians celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

"Easter days are filled with triumph and light of Christian love. The great holiday again calls to reflect on the meaning of life, realize the high destiny of man. This is a time of sincere prayer, good deeds and works of mercy. Let the joy of the Resurrection accompany every believer in spiritual development, promote creative acquisitions and comprehensively transform our lives in the name of high ideals," the message reads. The Head of State wished everyone good health, warmth of the family hearth, peace and harmony, and success in work.

About 500,000 Catholics meet Easter in Belarus