Belarusians suffer in Brussels attacks

Belarusians suffer in Brussels attacks

On March 24 it became known that Belarusians suffered in a series of attacks in the capital of Belgium. A couple with a small child was injured in the explosion at the airport. Fortunately, they have been discharged from hospital, reports the Embassy of Belarus in Belgium.

Grigory Aksenov, First Secretary of the Embassy of Belarus in Belgium:
In the Zaventem airport, a Belarusian family suffered. During a medical examination it found that the parents had an ear injury, while the child received cuts. The child and parents were treated and at the moment are at home. They are all insured, therefore insurance compensates for all the financial costs which they will incur.

Also on March 24, it became known that the main aim of terrorists in Belgium should have become nuclear power stations. The militants decided change plans after the arrest of one of the members of the terrorist group - Salah Abdeslam. In particular, it is reported that the Bakraoui brothers, who detonated bombs in the air harbor and the Brussels metro, had previously installed a hidden camera in front of the house of head of the Belgian nuclear power plant. All that time they had been watching him.

In addition, the investigation suggests that they had at least one more accomplice. His identity is being established.

The bloody terrorist attacks in Brussels on March 22 claimed the lives of 30 persons from 40 countries leaving nearly 300 injured.