Belarus-Poland ties: not only geography but culture and human destinies

Belarus-Poland ties: not only geography but culture and human destinies

Our correspondent Ekaterina Zhilyanina in Białystok that Belarusians and Poles have a common language not only at the highest level.

These characters are known to each Belarusian child. But here, in a Polish lyceum, people are also well aware of who they are. Almost every student here is with Belarusian roots. However, even local Polish guys know Belarusian. The mandatory program includes not only required language and literature but also music, theater, and history.

Once they learned with the help of old textbooks in Soviet style. Today they use their own books, issued by local teachers. With love for the mother tongue and by European Union standards. A few hours a week. However, the main thing in learning is of course practice. And there are no problems with it!

Natalya Vasko, lyceum student with further study of Belarusian language (Poland):
Belarusian language has been part of our family from the beginning. My grandmother was born in Belarus, I know the Belarusian language. And we do speak the Belarusian language.

In this village, it is hard to find a family with native Polish roots. Each house has Belarusians or their descendants. Nina uses Belarusian regularly and even writes poetry. And though it has deviations from the high style and literary norms, but this language is her own and native. Folk traditions are honored here.

Nina Masaylo:
We have so many Belarusian ensembles in Bialystok! They are growing like mushrooms. Belarusian songs, native words.. I like it! All the kids read poems in Belarusian.

Lady Nina has spent her whole life as a teacher in school. Children, grandchildren, house in the village and a garden. The same life as on the other side of the border, in Belarus. The retirement age is also being discussed here. In Poland it is already 67. And utilities.

Nina Masaylo:
Utilities are expensive. An average apartment is 500 zlotys. If your pension is 800 or 900 then only 400 remains. It's not much.

Belarus and Poland is not only the common border. The countries are connected by human fates. And these bonds are very strong.