President Lukashenko: Belarus and Orel region to develop economic cooperation

President Lukashenko: Belarus and Orel region to develop economic cooperation

Belarus and the Orel region of Russia intend to develop trade and economic cooperation. First of all in agriculture and industry, said March 24 Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with the governor of the Oryol region Vadim Potomsky.

The head of the Russian region does not hide the great interest in Belarus. During the talks at the Palace of Independence, he proposed the creation of a joint logistics center for the promotion of dairy products. The Russian partners are interested in Belarusian machinery. Thus the parties are set to revitalize cooperation. Indeed, in recent years the mutual trade has dipped a little.

President Lukashenko has stressed that the visit of the Oryol region delegation will help make up for loss of profits.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I know that you are developing agriculture in a very active manner. We have a mutual interest, not just one-sided. We are ready to supply the whole range of agricultural equipment, which development has been at a high level here since the days of the Soviet Union. But we have an interest in you, especially in breeding herd, pigs and so on. You are building much for people. We will also try to follow this line. So the building complex is in demand. So we are interested in many of your areas, including mining industry. If you have interest in our areas, you can use them too, including technology, we will be very happy to do it for you. Orel Oblast is near Belarus, so this cooperation will be convenient. With regard to the development of towns, cities, one cannot manage without infrastructure. I mean roads, transport, including passenger transport. I know you are developing buses on gas-engine fuel. We are beginning to engage in it in a more intense way. And our Russian partners are just involved in it. We produce the whole range of equipment for this purpose. We are ready to cooperate with you and work in this field.

Vadim Potomsky, governor of the Oryol region of the Russian Federation:
This visit is not just for show. We really want to cooperate in this way with your ministry so that we have mutually beneficial cooperation with you. Today we urgently need the industrial complex issue. Given the technologies, those developments that the Republic of Belarus boasts today, we could use them in the Orel region. With regard to milk production, we will be very grateful if the Belarusian side works on our territory. We will begin to engage in milk production, which is urgently needed now in import substitution programs.

Belarus exports to Orel region dairy products, petroleum products, and trucks. It imports home appliances, food, and hardware from that Russian region. In 2015, the volume of joint trade exceeded $90 million.

In the first hours of the Minsk visit, the Oryol Region delegation took part in the memorable ceremonial. Wreaths and flowers were laid at the foot of the monument and the eternal flame on Victory Square.