Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus and Poland can play a significant role in Europe


Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus and Poland can play a significant role in Europe

Belarus is ready for close cooperation with Poland, stressed today President Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting with Foreign Minister of that country. The foreign minister is now in Minsk on a visit.

Witold Waszczykowski has been in office since November 2015. But his diplomatic service began in the late 90s. In his career, the diplomat occupied the post of deputy foreign minister and deputy director of the National Security Bureau of Poland.

During the visit the sides noted that the countries are ready to begin a dialogue on good neighborly relations and European relations. According to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus and Poland together can play a significant role in Europe and affect many processes.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We have something to talk about. I would not say there are issues that we cannot resolve.  When there is a will on both sides, we can resolve them. With any issues at stake, it is important to agree on the criteria. And then, I think, there will be no problems. We will proceed from the criteria of building relations with other states on which Polish foreign policy rests. For example, if you protect sovereignty and independence, we will defend it too. We will follow your example in social and economic policy. If you are comfortable with this format, we will quickly agree.
I want to say that if the partners with whom we are in dialogue, will insist on a certain direction of our policy, we will not agree to cooperate on such terms. I am absolutely convinced that you do not need it now either.

I think that Poland more than anyone else, as a major EU player, is interested in Belarus being not only an independent state, but also stable. Together with you we can play a significant role, being at the center of the European continent. And together, I even say, we can have a significant impact on many processes that occur there.  

Witold Waszczykowski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland:
I am grateful for the organization of this meeting. The Polish government really believes that this was not a normal situation when the neighbors were not talking to each other. So we decided, without any preconditions, to begin the dialogue to resolve all the neighborhood issues, which we will be able to do in the near future.

The parties are convinced the current visit would create good preconditions for the development and deepening of comprehensive cooperation.

In 2015, Belarus-Poland bilateral trade stood at $1.850 billion. Belarus exports to Poland oil products and fertilizers and imports apples, medicines, paper and tomatoes.