Belarus National Olympic Committee marks 25th anniversary


Belarus National Olympic Committee marks 25th anniversary

The National Olympic Committee on March 22 marks 25th anniversary. During this time Belarusian athletes as part of the independent team participated in 11 Olympics - six winter and five summer. They have won 91 medals.

One of the most triumphant victories in the history of Belarusian sport was the finish of White Lightning Yulia Nesterenko at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. The runner won the "royal" distance of the women's 100m. 

The record for the number of gold medals was set at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Back then the Belarusian athletes raised on the podium five times, which is a record. 

Three golds were bagged by then-hero of Belarus biathlete Darya Domracheva, with Alla Tsuper and Anton Kushnir also winning their freestyle events. Bronze was won by Nadezhda Skardino.

Georgy Katulin, counselor of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
I think the main achievement is that the National Olympic Committee has declared about itself in the international Olympic movement. Concrete people stand behind every achievement. In this case, these 20 Olympic champions in the history of the sovereign Republic of Belarus brought worldwide fame to our people.