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About 20% of Minskers are in retirement age

Every fifth citizen of Minsk is older than the working age. In 2015, the number of pensioners increased by 10,500. Now the share of able-bodied citizens is 55.6%, and pensioners 24.4%. Experts predict that by 2030 these figures will change dramatically.

The percentage of employees will fall to 52.5%, while the share of pensioners will rise to 30%. That is, each year load on the working people will increase.

Today in Minsk there are about 500,000 pension recipients, and 37% of their total number are still working.

Olga Bogatyreva, deputy head of the main statistical office of Minsk:
This is connected with the natural process in demography. Currently a small group of people born in the 90s have entered the working age. And this is precisely the time when we saw the lowest birth rate. The groups born in the 60s will now reach the retirement age. It was a baby boom. Therefore, there is such a disproportion. The population of those aged from 10 to 14 is now two times less than the number of people who will enter the retirement age in the next five years.

About 20% of Minskers are in retirement age