Rumas: UEFA appreciates Belarusian Football Federation activities in 2015


Rumas: UEFA appreciates Belarusian Football Federation activities in 2015

Activities of the association "Belarusian Football Federation" in 2015 was appreciated by UEFA, said Belarusian Football Federation (ABFF) chairman Sergei Rumas during an ABFF conference.

The Belarusian Football Federation in 2015 won two prizes in line with the UEFA program "Hat-trick": for the best investment project related to the organization of the online broadcasts of matches of the national championship and for the best social project - Hope Cup.

The Belarusian Football Federation last year tried to develop sports infrastructure, with two stadiums renovated, in Minsk and Bobruisk.

The plans for 2016 include the commissioning of an ABFF technical center for national teams and the construction of an air-supported football arena in Grodno. According to Sergei Rumas, the introduction of the technical center of the federation is one of the most important tasks. It is planned that the center will open its doors in the third quarter of 2016.

After the conference ABFF chairman responded to journalists' questions about the construction of the national stadium.

"According to a decree of the head of state, the construction of the national stadium should be carried out. Although, of course, we should take into account the situation with [the company] Triple whose share of investments is very high. Today the company has suspended all large investment projects, so the ABFF, with the Minsk City Executive Committee, is trying to find a way out. As for the Chinese side, which is involved in the project, it has fulfilled its obligations under the contract," said Sergei Rumas.

According to the ABFF chairman, the detention of Yuri Chizh will not affect the participation of FC Dinamo Minsk in the forthcoming Belarusian championship.

"At the [Belarus] cup match in which Dinamo Minsk played, I met with the CEO of the capital club Alim Selimov. He assured that when it comes to the participation in the championship problems do not arise. The budget is entirely been drawn up, and the team is determined to fight for the title," said Sergei Rumas.

During the conference, a positive assessment of the Belarusian Football Federation was given by the First Vice-President of the NOC of Maxim Ryzhenkov and Deputy Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Dubkovsky. This was for the Federation's financial and economic work. 

The Association earned last season more than planned - BYR 192,4 billion. Costs were lower - BYR 217.5 billion (planned BYR 231.2 billion). In 2016 the ABFF plans to earn BYR 233 billion. Basic income will come from the sale outside the country of television broadcasting rights involving the Belarusian national football team.