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Non-professional participants granted access to foreign currency trading

Non-professional participants of the foreign exchange market from March 21 will gain access to foreign currency trading on the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange. These are organizations and companies that do not have a special license. 

Earlier, only banks could access such trading.

This innovation will improve the liquidity of the exchange market and reduce the costs of foreign exchange transactions. As a result, enterprises can save.  In addition, with the new measures, the value of the foreign currencies will not be so volatile.

Valery Polkhovsky, financial analyst:
All participants will clearly see and understand how the exchange rate is formed, especially if they get the right to take part in tenders in the future. Now they will have an opportunity to buy foreign currency at a rate that they have identified for themselves. But if in the future there appears software allowing each participant to directly participate in the auction, then the transparency of the exchange rate formation within the economic system will increase substantially. And the credibility of that exchange rate will be much higher. Accordingly, the participants will consider it more equitable.

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