Belarus' bell-ringing into UNESCO spiritual heritage list?


Belarus' bell-ringing into UNESCO spiritual heritage list?

Belarus is a unique country with deep-rooted bell-ringing traditions. Rare technique of bell-ringing may become part of the intangible spiritual heritage of Belarus and UNESCO.

Studying these techniques for a long time has been Elena. By blessing of Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus Filaret, she has been at several expeditions and visited 300 countries.

In Minsk, before the 1917 revolution, there were many churches with their bell towers. In the 1920s Soviet authorities closed all the temples in Minsk. Most of the surviving bells were confiscated by German occupiers already during World War II. 

The long silence of the bells in Minsk stopped only in 1989. The first bell ringing after a long hiatus was heard here - at the Holy Spirit Cathedral. It is here where a lot of unique bells have been preserved.

Today chimes sound throughout Belarus without any bans. One can find many unique copies in Belarus' regions outside Minsk.