Launch of the First Belarusian Theater Season in Paris

Launch of the First Belarusian Theater Season in Paris

Paris hosted the First Belarusian Theater Seasons. The Actor's Studio Theatre was the first gave the show. It is important to note one thing. During the November terrorist attacks in Paris, the theater Bataclan was captured. About 100 people were killed. In addition, after that, many shows have been postponed. Moreover, many people were afraid to go to see theatre shows or concerts even a month later. However, the oldest theaters of Paris Adyar, where The Actor's Studio Theatre has presented the lyrical French comedy, is full.

But now, a little bit about the whole situation in Paris. The major question of this week is how to resist... water flows. Record floods of the Seine river are expected this year.

Accommodation with a view of the Eiffel Tower is luxury for ordinary Parisians. However, this does not apply to the owners of barges. These barges are real estate. They never unmoor from the banks of the Seine river. For example, even the famous actor Pierre Richard lives in one of such barges.

Not every tourist knows that the port Champs Elysees is a typically Parisian village on water. Pierre displays proudly the view. On the right the Eiffel Tower is located, while on the left is the Louvre. A flat on the ground with such view would cost too much.

See Paris and… not to die. France has launched a campaign in social networks to attract tourists under this slogan.

Despite the fresh memory of the terrorist act in the theater Bataclan, the oldest theater of Paris, Adyar, is full.

Pavel Latushko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the French Republic:
You have to know that the history of Belarusian-French theatrical art has deep roots. For example, French choreographers set a ballet to the Radzivill family in the 18th century. 2016 is the Year of Culture in Belarus. Moreover, it is very important that we demonstrate the level of Belarusian culture and Belarusian theater to foreign audience. In addition, we hope that the assessment of the French audience will be positive.

Jean-Claude Isler, a playwright:
This is quite unexpected. It is very interesting and curious. I look forward to the performance.

One of the main characters, Vera Polyakova, has organically turned into a Parisian woman on the stage.

Vera Polyakova, an actress:
I was the first one to read the play. This play is surprisingly funny. You saw the reaction of the audience. Love is love, no matter whether it is in France, in Belarus or in any other country.

The stage director Alexander Efremof changed only the ending of the performance with French sparkling humor. He added a happy end.

Along with the cultural ties, economic ties also are growing stronger. The famous French politician Mariani is a record-holder among MEPs on the number of visits to Belarus. He has been to Belarus about 30 times.

Thierry Mariani, a member of the European Parliament:
Part of the sanctions against Belarus is removed. This is a good chance for the relations development. Belarus is a member of the EEU. In addition, Belarus is the closest country to Europe in the Eurasian Economic Union, with a highly skilled workforce, capable of working with European companies.

An owner of travel agency, Gilles, helps French tourists to discover Belarus.

Gilles, owner of a travel agency:
Previously, many people asked me where Belarus is. Now there are no such questions. I love Belarus, with Braslav Lakes, National Park Narochansky and the Pripyat.

After all, Belarus and France have deep cultural and historical roots. However, judging by the interest of the business community in Belarus, now it is the moment when the partnership can be brought to a higher level. Moreover, the French now tend to say the word "Belorussi" more and more often.