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Belarusian State Youth Theatre: history of development

Energetic and talented Belarussian State Youth Theatre begins with a unique museum, not a checkroom. Here are the first posters, theatre programmes and costumes from plays.

The first premiere of the theatre was in 1985. The chief Director Grigoriy Borovik brought to the audience the play These Strange Old People. Many of the actors of those times continue to work on the stage of the Youth Theatre. And with a smile, they remember how everything began.

Raisa Sidorchik, leading master of the stage, actress of the Belarusian State Youth Theatre:
There was announced a competition for the opening of a theatre. Grigoriy Ivanovich Borovik opened the Youth Theatre with a stylish play Repair. And the audience liked it.

Today, the theater has its own home. But at the very beginning, the troupe was rehearsing in different recreation centers and clubs. But in 1987, the theater found its own home - the former movie theatre Spartak.

Raisa Sidorchik, leading master of the stage, actress of the Belarusian State Youth Theatre:
We rehearsed even at night. After the evening performance in State Musical Comedy Theatre. And when we took our own building with our own stage and dressing rooms, we were really happy.

But despite all the difficulties, there were a lot of plays in the Youth Theatre those times.

In 1991, Vitaly Kotovitskiy came to the theatre and began a new stage in the creative life of the Belarusian State Youth Theatre.
The performance His Dreams, based on the Salvador Dali book, is a bold and innovative staging, which determined the further path of the development of the theatre. The search for the new forms, fresh ideas, a desire to realize your own "I" has always attracted to the theatre a huge number of talented and famous actors.

In 2013, a new direction was tried in the Youth Theatre - the theatre of modern choreography. As a result, there appeared the play Sasha, Take The Rubbish Out, staged by successful Belarusian playwright Dmitry Bogoslavskiy.

Dmitriy Bogoslavskiy, playwright, artist of the Belarusian State Youth Theatre:
We tried to move the action from the theater stage. I think it's even better when the theater is looking for the new ways of the dialogue with the audience.

The poster repertoire of the theatre is constantly growing up. New actors, who come to the theatre, are talented, daring, and incredibly charismatic. And they are the future of Belarusian State Youth Theatre.

Anatoly Lagutenkov, artist of the Belarusian State Youth Theatre:
There are a lot of performances in the theatre, many directors come here. If you see the performances, you will understand that they are all different. Young people are always staying in some kind of active search. And the Youth Theatre should be like that. If there is progress, a theatre will exist.

The Belarusian State Youth Theatre celebrates its 30th anniversary in the new house, where the troupe moved in November, 2014. They have a huge number of awards and prizes. Among them is the special award of the President of the Republic of Belarus. And this is only the beginning of a long creative history of Belarusian State Youth Theatre.

Belarussian State Youth Theatre