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Belarus, France share experience in pharmaceutics and cosmetics

Belarus and France are building bridges in the field of medicine. In particular, in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. On March 15 experts from both countries gathered in the Belarus capital. A reliable recipe for overcoming skin diseases is needed by thousands. Worldwide, only 16% of adolescents have such ailments.

By the way, pharmaceutical cooperation between the two countries started over 10 years ago. During this time, colleagues share their experience and came up with several unique products.

Medical director at a pharmaceutical company (France):
It should be noted that Belarus is one of those markets in which we are interested. These are the markets of Eastern Europe. After all, skin problems are present not only in the French. It exists all over the world.

Eastern Europe Executive Manager for a pharmaceutical company (France):
Cooperation with the expert community of Belarus during the 10 years showed that Belarusians, especially female Belarusians, are very concerned about their skin health. Therefore, we have organized for several years already some training programs in our French laboratories.

Belarus, France share experience in pharmaceutics and cosmetics