Belarusian businessman Yuri Chizh detained: KGB reveals details

Belarusian businessman Yuri Chizh detained: KGB reveals details

New details of the arrest of big Belarusian businessman Yuri Chizh have been revealed by the Belarus KGB. He is suspected of tax evasion in especially large amounts.   

According to investigators, the criminal scheme was designed to withdraw money abroad. The top manager, after learning about a possible arrest, did not go to law enforcement agencies. He rushed to the state border.

Valery Vakulchik, chairman of the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
At a high speed of 220 km/h he went to the state border. First, in the direction of the Lithuanian border, then on Brest route diagonally. So we had to use the interception plan and special forces to detain him and deliver to the State Security Committee. He is in jail. Everything is much simpler in principle than some people think.

The criminal scheme by which he withdrew money, according to the head of the KGB, has been familiar since the days of classic writers Ilf and Petrov. 

According to investigators, Yuri Chizh created a fictitious company in Russia, which only employee was the businessman's driver. The company, without staff and any activity, has actually become a transit purse, through which Chizh evaded taxes.

Valery Vakulchik:
In fact, every month, a few days before the submission of tax reports, "Triple" transferred large sums of money to this company under the guise of payment for use of the trademark. General manager - the only employee of this company - went to the bank, received the money in cash, brought it back to Triple and gave it to the so-called cashier. Subsequently, the cashier handed the money to Chizh.

Yuri Chizh is suspected of tax evasion in especially large amounts. There are no exact numbers yet, but the KGB talk about proven damage worth billions of Belarusian rubles. 

Yet in such cases, it is very important, whether the damage to the state will be reimbursed.

Valery Vakulchik:
In the case of compensation and active repentance the society, in my opinion, gets much more, because taxpayers' money is not spent on prisoners. Moreover, damage compensation allows directly using these funds for social needs.

Separately, the KGB commented on supposedly "special" attitude towards Yuri Chizh. The head of the KGB reiterated that everyone is equal before the law.

Valery Vakulchik:
There are no untouchables. Many people believe that if a person is photographed or filmed with a head of state or if he plays hockey with him, there must be some kind of special treatment. The specific approach to these people lies only in the fact that specific requirements and special responsibility is demanded from such people. And they have to bear this responsibility doubly and even triply. And if you came close to the head of state, you need to be crystal clear before the law.

The decision to arrest the businessman was taken only when the authorities had undeniable evidence. It was made in spite of the status of one of the country's largest businessmen. This is when a wingspan does not matter.