Alexander Lukashenko holds meeting on social and fiscal spheres

Alexander Lukashenko holds meeting on social and fiscal spheres

On March 15, the Belarus president discussed the improving of the efficiency of government agencies, timeliness of salaries payment and job creation at a meeting on some issues of social and fiscal spheres. Taking part in it were officials from the Presidential Administration, the Government, Ministers of Finance and Labour and Social Security. The main task today is the creation of 50,000 jobs. However, all the necessary conditions should be created for this purpose.

The president asked how the Social Protection Fund is working, what are the prospects of increasing pensions and how the public discussion of pension reform is going.

The President also recalled its request to optimize the number of civil servants. 

Marianna Shchetkina, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus:
We talked over measures aiming to improve the work of state bodies. Do we need all the functions that they perform today? And if we have any suggestions, it is necessary to optimize the functions performed by these public bodies. The most important thing considered today are complaints of citizens that come to local authorities and ministries. And so all the questions, of course, must be dealt with efficiently. We can't allow any formalism or red tape.

On March 15, the Minister of Finance reported to the President on the progress of implementation of the budget. The Head of State instructed that the state should fully and timely fulfill its social obligations.