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FC Isloch founder about 2016 Belarusian Highest League season

The founder of the Belarusian FC Isloch, Vladimir Pinchuk, was the guest of the recent TV program Sports Week on the CTV.

Good evening. How are you feeling, is there a feeling of the beginning of the football season?

Vladimir Pinchuk:
Good evening. The mood is excellent, because we all smell spring and this is the smell of football. We look forward to new experiences and emotions. Therefore mood is good.

Mr Pinchuk, on Saturday at the FC Minsk stadium, you had a friendly match against the Citizens and the next day the same arena hosted the passionate Super Cup match between BATE and Shakhter Soligorsk. How long will it take FC Isloch to find their way to the match of this level?

Vladimir Pinchuk:
I hope we will achieve this level very soon. This season, we plan to gain a foothold in the Highest League to show our worth and see whether we match the level of elite football.

Today's match for the Super Cup was perhaps the most scandalous in history. Referee Vitaly Sevostyanik has become almost the main character in the game. First, he allowed quite a controversial goal scored by BATE, then canceled a Shakhter goal. What is your opinion on the first episode with the Ivanic goal?

Vladimir Pinchuk:
If I were the ref, I would have disallowed that goal.

Ivanic struck and Rodionov was distracting the keeper.

Vladimir Pinchuk:
It was not clear whether he played or not. I do not know referees' terms but simply, from the human point of view, I would not allow that goal.

Did you encounter the same controversial situations in the Pershaya Liga (First League)?

Vladimir Pinchuk:
This is football and of course there are always disputes. We fought against some refs, literally. Last season and the season before. If we see that there is an obvious "lawlessness", we try to deal with it.

And was it successful?

Vladimir Pinchuk:
Generally, yes. In any situation, in any case, it necessary to try to prove your point.

How did you found the club?

Vladimir Pinchuk:
We started a little spontaneously, you might say. The second founder Vitaly Kurilo... We are both Tarasovo villagers. And we grew up on that football field. Then Tarasovo was expanding but there were fewer and fewer children at the stadium. Then they all were gone. We, together with Vitaly, decided that we would return to Tarasovo in 50-60 years and see how kids will play football there again. And we decided to take it slowly; we began to play in the district championship, then at the regional level. Everyone knows what was then: Second League, then the First League and the regional UEFA Cup.

Everyone is talking about FC Krumkachy. But not much is talked about FC Isloch. Your team are of the same level we do not hear about it. Why?

Vladimir Pinchuk:
I was once asked this question already. We have lost in terms of public relations. But I think they are overdoing. When BATE wins against Roma, this is already routine news. But everyone is talking about Krumkachy (former amateur club - note by without any reason sometimes.

In addition to public relations, it is important to play well.

Vladimir Pinchuk:
Football is important, of course.

What about licensing? You were raising money for the club's budget... And other teams are struggling too. Where will you play home games?

Vladimir Pinchuk:
As for licensing, we did not receive a license from the first attempt. They required some minor documents, there were technical issues. But now it's okay with licensing. On the financial side, the budget was originally planned, it was near BYR17 billion. But now we understand that it will be a little smaller. We are holding a series of talks with various companies, banks and so on. We will likely hold matches in Molodechno. This is a football town, the Makovsky brothers live there. Molodechno loves football. We were met very warmly there. There was green light everywhere for us there. We felt like Manchester United when we came there - such was the support and interest.

They missed football.

Vladimir Pinchuk:
Yes. And it's still a significant event that the Highest League comes to town.

Thank you for coming. We hope you will succeed.

Vladimir Pinchuk:
Thank you. I would also like to take this opportunity. I would like to thank primarily the fans, who were with us many years. And I want to invite all fans to watch Belarusian football. Let us together make the joy of football. Let's not just criticize. If you come, they will play better because they will play for you. Therefore, I once again appeal to our football fans: come to the stadium.

The founder of Belarusian FC Isloch Vladimir Pinchuk