Belarus marks Constitution Day on March 15

Belarus marks Constitution Day on March 15

The strong foundations of a sovereign state. Belarus marks Day of Constitution. It was on 15 March 1994 when the Parliament adopted the first-ever main law of Belarus. 

The document concentrates rich historical experience and clearly defines the priorities of national development. So the essence of the holiday is close and understandable to every citizen of our country.

Alexander Lukashenko addressed the nation wishing it happy Constitution Day.

"Respect for symbols of statehood is a key indicator of patriotism, citizenship and political culture of the people. It is the Basic Law that is the main legal support of our independent and sovereign country. Of course, our common goal is to put into practice the values ​​inherent in the Highest Law. This is particularly important for the education of the young generation in the spirit of love for the homeland and loyalty to their homeland," the message reads.

The head of state wished everyone peace, happiness, good health and prosperity.